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Check our simple and crisp affiliate disclosure that we craft for the InboxCoupon website here.

  1. We earn from affiliates. Whenever a visitor from our website clicks a link and buy a third-party product, we get paid based on a commission model.
  2. We never charge or receive an extra penny from you for purchasing the recommended product.
  3. We allow browser cookie-based affiliate tracking techniques for receiving future commissions.
  4. We showcase Affiliate Disclaimer and Cookie Policy including GDPR compliant as a banner at the bottom of your screen. You’ll be prompted to browse only after responding to our terms and policy.
  5. We make it easier for you to get more discounts using coupon codes. It could be an exclusive coupon code as well.
  6. We may send you a product or deal recommendation through email (only for the users who have subscribed via opt-ins). Trust me, we will not spam you.
  7. We may receive recurring commission for specific products that has a monthly subscription model when you purchase through our affiliate link.
  8. We are just an affiliate marketing blog and we don’t own any product. Therefore, we aren’t responsible for any damages that occur while purchasing our partners’ products. However, we will provide you the support to resolve basic queries without any hassle.
  9. We use short links (short URLs) for cloaking the affiliate URLs on our website. This will no harm your shopping experience. The clicks are tracked using a tool in our backend technology.
  10. We kindly request you to read all Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, GDPR, Fair usage policy and disclaimers before taking any legal actions. We are happy to help you out via live chat, mail or even over the phone.