Gozen Growth Review: Best Email Marketing & Outreach Management SaaS App

In the ever-growing digital world, multiple digital marketing strategies are rising to ensure the business’s online presence. Among these competing different kinds of scenarios, Email Marketing achieved its reputation and position because of its results in ROI. And so, there is no shortage of marketing software to ensure its increased efficiency.

Amidst the myriad email marketing software, choosing the right one for your business is challenging. So, to give you an idea of how email marketing tools work and what you can expect of them, I’m coming up with a review of my favorite email marketing tool. This article will discuss my take on the details, features, and pricing of this excellent tool, GoZen Growth.

What is GoZen Growth?

Gozen Growth is an industry-specific and outcome-driven email marketing solution that aims to ease the new user experience. It makes email marketing usable for new users with not much technical knowledge.

Though it is a relatively new tool in this niche, it consists of varieties of attractive features which lead the user to create email campaigns in a matter of minutes. A real selling point of GoZen Growth is the ease of learning and access without any complicated workflows.

This GoZen Growth review will break down and differentiate every pro and cons for your reference to decide if it’s suitable for your business.

Let’s dive into the GoZen Growth Review!

Pros of Gozen Growth

Campaign creation made easy

It was astonishing for me when I learned that there are 400+ prebuilt email templates available in this tool. Creating an email campaign was easier for me as I didn’t have to build it from scratch.

These templates are also industry-specific. If you select your niche, this tool provides you with a gallery of generally used email templates that you can use instantly to build your campaign. It’s very time-saving. Also, non-categorized general templates are available for customizing as per your requirements. It’s very time-saving.

Easy Personalization

This tool provides a simple and neat layout to view your subscribers in an organized way. This screen also showcases the subscription status and inbox approachability to understand the pattern of your subscriber’s actions.

It also allows users to segment their contacts using filters based on the data gathered like name, phone number, location, etc. Personalization provides a clear view for personalizing their subscribers to increase sales growth.

Highly Compatible

Even if it is a developing email marketing software in the market, it already supports integration with other popular platforms for the user’s benefit. It offers integration with popular platforms like Mailchimp, Aweber, Wix, Squarespace, etc.,
This tool allows integration with Shopify to support eCommerce business. I hope this tool will be more compatible with third-party applications in the future.

Supports Teamwork

Keeping the importance of teamwork in mind, they have this exciting feature that allows you to bring your team to a single platform to monitor your email campaign metrics.
This feature increases the efficiency of your work because it can allow cross-functional teams of your business to know the outcome, status, and insights of the campaign conducted. It also paves a way to rectify mistakes and improve the strategy.

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Clarifying Reports

Monitoring and keeping track of your data is straightforward in this tool as it is available in one place. It also gives clarifying reports on important metrics like average click-through rate, open rate, email bounce rate, and successful user engagement in a few clicks.

Messing around with multiple data to find a pattern or locating something specific can be challenging. To reduce this difficulty outreach overview board in GoZen accounts for every data generated in a single platform which allows you to make changes at the right time.

Comprehensive Dashboard

This tool has a clearcut dashboard that gives detailed insights into your campaign. It highlights the location of your subscribers for you to know the pattern of the traffic that reaches your campaign.

When it comes to statistics, it shows the numbers by classifying your subscribers into different categories. Some of them are:

  • New Subscriptions
  • Total number of subscriptions
  • Total active subscribers
  • Bounce rate
  • Unsubscribe rates

It also provides a graph that depicts the source of the contacts, which helps you determine the sales funnel’s success rate. These various data from the dashboard will give you clarity on your performance and idea for improvement.

Easy Customization

This tool has a drag-and-drop email builder to provide an easy customization option for their users. As I already mentioned that there is no complicated workflow. This editor is very comprehensive.
It not only allows you to do simple changes like editing text and background, but it also allows total customization of the entire template that you chose. This limitless freedom in customization helps you build a layout that completely suits your marketing goal.


Cost per contact is a generally concealed paywall in most email marketing solutions. But GoZen Growth offers a free version to their new email marketing users. In this free version, you get to send 11,100 emails every month and unlimited contacts. No tool is offering these kinds of features in their plans.

I find this tool is the most affordable one for all kinds of businesses. To Leverage all the facilities of this tool, you need to get a paid version. And the paid version also starts from just $9 per month.


This tool lacks email automation which reduces the manual work for users. It helps in automating the email triggers at the right time. It also helps in re-engaging users with win-back emails. I can see two noticeable flaws in this tool, which they need to integrate with their software for better reach.

Another prominent disadvantage is a slight delay in sending bulk emails. This is noticeable only for the more extensive email lists. The tool can rectify these disadvantages to improve its standard and reach among the users.

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Key Takeaways

From the above pros and cons of GoZen Growth, we can understand this tool is more suitable for all small businesses. Because it covers the basic needs to satisfy most small businesses. If this tool gets upgraded with trending features required these days, it can support any business.

I would recommend GoZen Growth for every small business because it has vast features at an affordable rate. Its user experience is clean and clutter-free, which is a bonus.

I hope this review helps judge GoZen Growth’s performance and compare it with other email marketing software in the market. Next time you want to start email marketing, give this tool a try.